Smart Coffee Scale

Take control and perfect your brewing recipe by enjoying this espresso-focused smart coffee scale!

This 0.1 gram precision smart coffee scale features a sleek, ultra-slim design (22mm) to fit your cups under every espresso machine. Easy to use and convenient to charge with a USB-C cable.

Automate your brewing process without losing control with our unique smart espresso mode. Providing an auto-tare function and auto-timer that starts with the first drop of espresso or when you decide.

Order your smart coffee scale today and revolutionize your brewing process!


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Additional info

This smart coffee scale is truly designed and programmed with your espresso experience in mind.

Its ultra-slim body (22mm) leaves room for cups in every espresso machine. With the silicone anti-slip pad your portafilter and cups won’t budge while your scale is also protected from water and sudden temperature changes.

With our espresso-focused smart mode, a feature designed exclusively by us, you’ll enjoy an auto tare function and an auto timer function that launches automatically when the espresso hits your cup.
The smart scale has a generous 2000-gram capacity, and the convenient scale calibration feature allows you to calibrate the scale to weigh out your coffee dose with extreme precision and accuracy.

The smart scale was created for espresso! If you want to experience the best-tasting espresso you’ve ever had – you need this coffee scale with our exclusive espresso-focused features!

Technical details

  • Includes smart espresso mode
  • 1 grams precision scale
  • Ultra slim (150mm*140mm*22mm)
  • Rechargeable battery with USB-C
  • 2000 gram capacity
  • Silicone pad for water and temperature change resistance
  • Scale calibration function

The right size

One size fits all!

Whether you use a Delonghi Dedica, Sage Barista Express, or an ECM. This coffee scale is a great tool that will help you improve your espresso.