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What makes a barista cloth special?

As a home barista, you understand how crucial it is to keep your espresso machine clean after each use. Our barista cloths are created to clean all parts of your espresso machine, from the portafilter to the milk frother.

We provide three distinctive color cloths, each dedicated to a particular cleaning task – mirroring professional setups for hygienic operation. The cloths come in pairs, ensuring there’s always one fresh and ready to go while the other is in the laundry.

Every cloth is crafted from high quality microfiber, a material renowned for its exceptional absorbency for milk residues, water, and dirt, without damaging your machine.

Every color barista towel has a purpose

The color-coded system aids in maintaining a hygienic workflow and keeping your machine spotless.

Black for the countertop
The black cloth is perfect for maintaining a clean coffee corner including your espresso machine.

Light gray for milk
The light gray cloth is specifically for milk residues, the milk steamer, and milk jugs, with its light color minimizing the visibility of stains.

Brown for your portafilter
Your portafilter inevitably collects a significant amount of coffee residues. With the brown cloth, these coffee stains blend in, becoming less noticeable.

Consider our barista cloth set for a better deal, where you receive two cloths of each color!

Do you really need a barista cloth?

Could you simply use an ordinary cleaning cloth? While you could, it won’t be as effective or hygienic as the barista cloths. Using a single cloth for multiple parts might lead to cross-contamination – the last thing you want is milk residues in your portafilter or coffee stains spread over your machine.

Moreover, using a kitchen-wide cloth that also contacts your coffee gear can pose contamination risks. Common kitchen cloths can rapidly become a breeding ground for bacteria – a dishcloth can contain over 4 billion bacteria within 24 hours!

It’s far more reassuring to have dedicated barista cloths for your coffee station, where you make your daily fresh espresso. With two cloths of each color provided, a clean one is always within reach.