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The Benefits of a Coffee Knock Box

If you’re frequently brewing espresso, you’ll know it generates a lot of coffee grounds. To remove the coffee puck from the filter basket, you need somewhere to knock out your portafilter. Continually knocking your coffee puck on the edge of your trash bin or sink not only damages your portafilter and kitchen but also splashes coffee residue onto your pristine white walls. You definitely want to avoid this.

Furthermore, separating coffee grounds can bring additional benefits. Use the knocked-out coffee for composting, place a container in the fridge to neutralize odors, or even use it as a body scrub! Hence, a knock box is perfect for every home barista.

Is a Knock Box a Must-Have?

Yes! It’s clear that the coffee knock box is a must-have. The function is simple, but the utility is incredibly useful! It saves a lot of mess and contributes to the longevity of your portafilter.

There is an alternative available that serves the same function and comes with its own benefits. Check out our knock out drawer to learn more about this!

Finding the Right Knock Box for You

Coffee knock boxes or knock out drawers are a staple in every coffee shop. While you might not need a commercial-sized knock box for your home, we’ve got you covered!

Our range of knock boxes includes a variety of sizes that fit perfectly beside your home espresso machine. Keep your coffee corner neat without overcrowding it. We have small, round knock boxes for those who brew one to two espressos a day. If you’re brewing more espressos, we recommend our larger round or sturdy square knock boxes.

And if you’re craving that professional barista feel, check out our compact knock out drawer for home use.

Sturdy and Stylish Coffee Knock Boxes

Our knock boxes come in different styles and colors, but we only stock stainless steel boxes. The durable material, coupled with the rubber knock bar, can easily withstand repeated knocks from your portafilter.
Available in sleek silver and elegant black, you’re sure to find a coffee knock box that complements your espresso machine. Brew delicious espressos without the mess, right in the comfort of your own home.