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Why Use a Knock Out Drawer at home?

In virtually every coffee shop you visit, you’ll notice a knock out drawer neatly positioned under the coffee grinder. And it’s there for good reasons. It’s a two-in-one solution that catches all the ground coffee that falls beside the portafilter and provides a convenient place to empty out your coffee puck.

That makes a compact knock out drawer a smart addition to your home barista setup, saving you the hassle of trips to the trash can or sink. It’s a breeze to knock out the used puck, clean up quickly, and get set for your next delicious espresso.

Advantages of a knock box drawer

In addition to knocking out espresso easily with a knock box drawer, they have many other benefits. We have listed the main advantages of the knock box drawer for you:

  • Neat Countertop: Brush any spilled coffee trough the convenient ventilation holes into the drawer.
  • Noise Reduction: Our knock box drawers feature a rubber knock out bar, ensuring some noise reduction and keeping your portafilter safe.
  • Well Ventilated: The ventilation holes help keep mould at bay.
  • Stability: The knock box drawer won’t slide around, thanks to its sturdy rubber feet.
  • Space Saver: Though compact, the drawer has plenty of room for your coffee grinder on top.

Different types of coffee drawers

The coffee drawer or knock out drawer you see in catering establishments is quite large. You probably don’t have room for it in your setup as a home barista. Therefore, we offer a compact knock out drawer that fits neatly under your coffee grinder. For example, it fits well under the Sage The Smart Grinder Pro, Eureka Mignon, Rancilio, and Ascaso. The sturdy frame provides ample support for any grinder.

In the Barista-Essentials range, you will only find stainless steel knock out drawers. This material is sturdy, durable, and continues to look good. You can pick from two stylish options: silver and black.

Do I buy a knock out drawer or knock box?

Surely you’ve heard of a stainless steel knock box. Depending on your preferences and the space you have, you might lean towards one or the other. A knock box, similar to a small trash bin with a rubber bar, can be conveniently placed near your espresso machine.

A knock out drawer, on the other hand, is more space-saving, designed to fit under your coffee grinder. Plus, it helps catch any coffee residue that falls off the portafilter, which can be swept into the ventilation slots.

Both are great options, so just choose what works best for you!