tamper 51mm made of wood on a tamping mat with naked portafilter and delonghi dedica on the background
Diameter filterdrager portfilter
Diameter portafilter

When purchasing a tamper, leveler, or filter basket, it’s essential to select the correct size. The size is always indicated in millimeters and is measured by taking the diameter on the inside of the portafilter. The diameter varies depending on the espresso machine and always falls between 49 millimeters and 58 millimeters.

Of course, you can measure this yourself with a measuring tape, but we’re also happy to lend a hand by providing the sizes for you in a list. If you’re still uncertain about the diameter of your portafilter, feel free to contact us!

Sage, Solis en breville

Check the size of your Sage, Solis, or Breville portafilter and see if our naked portafilter is suitable for your espresso machine!

BrandMachinePortafilter SizeSuitable toolDo our portafilters fit?
BrevilleBarista Express54mm53.3mmYes
BrevilleBarista Pro54mm53.3mmYes
BrevilleOracle58mm (Sage)58.5mmYes
BrevilleOracle Touch58mm (Sage)58.5mmYes
BrevilleThe Infuser54mm53.3mmYes
SageBambino Plus54mm53.3mmYes
SageBarista Express54mm53.3mmYes
SageBarista Pro54mm53.3mmYes
SageBarista Touch54mm53.3mmYes
SageDual Boiler58mm (Sage)58.5mmYes
SageDuo-Temp Pro54mm53.3mmYes
SageOracle Touch58mm (Sage)58.5mmYes
SolisBarista Perfetta Plus54mm53.3mmYes
SolisGran Gusto58mm (Sage)58.5mmYes
SolisGrind & Infuse Compact 101851mm51mmNo
SolisGrind & Infuse Pro54mm53.3mmYes
SolisGrind & Infuse 11554mm53.3mmYes
SolisPerfect Pro54mm53.3mmYes
SolisPerfetta Espresso54mm53.3mmYes
SolisPersonal Barista58mm (Sage)58.5mmYes
SolisSolis 11051mm51mmNo
SolisTripe heat58mm (Sage)58.5mmYes


Check the size of your DeLonghi portafilter and see if our naked portafilter is suitable for your espresso machine!

BrandMachinePortafilter SizeSuitable toolDo our portafilters fit?
DelonghiDedica EC68551mm51mmYes
DelonghiDedica EC78551mm51mmYes
DelonghiLa Specialista Prestigio51mm51mmNo
DelonghiStilosa ec23551mm51mmNo

E61 en overig

Check the size of your E61 espresso machine portafilter or a portafilter from another brand and see if our naked portafilter is suitable for your espresso machine!

Suitable ToolDo our portafilters fit?
AscasoAlle machines57mmNoNo
BezzeraAlle overige machines58mm (E61)58.5mmYes
CimbaliAlle machines57mmNoNo
CremaAlle machines58mm (E61)58.5mmYes
ECMAlle machines58mm (E61)58.5mmYes
ExpobarAlle machines58mm (E61)58.5mmYes
FlairAlle machines58mm (E61)58.5mmYes
GaggiaClassic, Classic Pro58mm (Gaggia)58.5mmYes
GraefAlle machines58mm58.5mmNo
IsomacAlle overige machines58mm (E61)58.5mmYes
Krupsespresso XP344051mm51mmYes
La MarzoccoAlle machines58mm (E61)58.5mmJa
La Pavoni56mmNoYes
La PavoniDuet, Club, Napolitana57mmNoYes
La PavoniEuropiccola49mmNoNo
La PavoniLever (Millenium New Lever)51mm51mmNo
La PavoniLever (voor 2000)49mmNoNo
La PavoniLusso, Pisa, Si53mmNoNo
La PavoniProfessional51mm51mmNo
La PavoniPub58mm (Gaggia)58.5mmYes
la San Marco54mm53.3mmNo
LelitBianca V358mm (E61)58.5mmYes
LelitElizabeth V358mm (E61)58.5mmYes
LelitGiulietta X58mm (E61)58.5mmYes
LelitKate58mm (E61)58.5mmYes
LelitMara X v258mm (E61)58.5mmYes
LelitVictoria58mm (E61)58.5mmYes
LelitAnita (alle modellen)57mmNoNo
ProfitecAlle machines58mm (E61)58.5mmYes
Quick MillAchille 0996 Lever model58mm (Gaggia)58.5mmNo
Quick millAlexia58mm (E61)58.5mmYes
Quick millAndreja 098058mm (E61)58.5mmYes
Quick millAnita 099058mm (E61)58.5mmYes
Quick millAquila 098558mm (E61)58.5mmYes
Quick millCarola 096058mm (E61)58.5mmYes
Quick millLa Certa 097558mm (E61)58.5mmYes
Quick MillMet drie vleugels (820, 835, 2820, 2835, 3000, 3002, 3004, 3035, 3245, Evo70)58mm58mmNo
Quick millMilano 098058mm (E61)58.5mmYes
Quick millPappa58mm (E61)58.5mmYes
Quick millQM 67 099258mm (E61)58.5mmYes
Quick millRapida 098758mm (E61)58.5mmYes
Quick MillSilvano 0400558mm (E61)58.5mmYes
Quick millVetrano 099558mm (E61)58.5mmYes
RancilioAlle machines58mm (E61)58.5mmYes
RocketAlle machines58mm (E61)58.5mmYes
SaecoSE5058mm (Gaggia)58.5mmNo
Vibiemme (VBM)Alle machines58mm (E61)58.5mmYes

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