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Are you still getting bitter coffee, weak espresso, or over-frothed milk when you visit your parents? In short: could your dad’s espresso skills use an upgrade?

Father’s Day is coming up, and what better way to show your dad how much you care than with our espresso tools? No matter what type of dad he is, we have the right tools for him to unleash his inner barista.

For the dad who needs to blow off some steam

For the dad who really needs to unwind after a long day, we have the perfect espresso tools. Our heavy-duty stainless steel tamper fits firmly in the hand and provides just the right resistance for a powerful press on the ground coffee. With the robust knock box, he can satisfyingly knock out the used coffee pucks, while the sturdy tamper mat protects the work surface from intensive use. These tools are perfect for the dad who wants to release some stress and enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of coffee at the same time.

For the dad who is a perfectionist

For the dad who leaves nothing to chance, we have the ultimate espresso tools worthy of his precision. With the WDT tool, he can distribute the ground coffee in the finest detail and remove clumps, resulting in even extraction and an even better taste. The naked portafilter gives him an unfiltered view of his shot, allowing him to perfect every step of the process and see directly how good his technique is.

For the creative dad

Do you have a creative dad? With our stylish milk pitchers, he can bring the milk to just the right temperature and texture, perfect for creating silky microfoam for latte art. The elegant cups provide the perfect canvas for his creations. For the dad who wants to turn coffee into a work of art, these tools are indispensable.

For the high-tech dad

Does your dad love gadgets and tech? The digital vacuum coffee canister keeps his beans fresher for longer by storing them airtight, ensuring he can always enjoy the best flavor. The digital precision scale accurately measures each gram of coffee, which is essential for consistent and perfect extraction. For the dad who loves playing with gadgets and technology, these tools offer not only functionality but also a touch of innovation in his daily coffee routine.

For the organised dad

With our tools, your dad can keep his coffee corner clean and organized. The handy barista cloths can be used to effortlessly remove spilled coffee and milk residue, ensuring his workspace always stays clean. The dosing ring helps him measure the exact amount of coffee into the portafilter without spilling, and the brush keeps his espresso machine and grinder free from coffee residues. These tools not only make coffee brewing more efficient but also ensure everything always looks spotless.

Check out all these tools in our webshop and make Father’s Day extra special. Whatever tool you choose, it will definitely help your dad make a delicious espresso!

*No guarantee that the kitchen won’t look like a battlefield 😉

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