Coffee brush

Always a clean coffee corner thanks to our Coffee Brush! This wide coffee brush is not only ideal for keeping your countertop free from coffee grounds, but it also looks great!

Key Benefits:

  • Wide: reach and sweep all coffee residue quickly from your countertop
  • Stylish: a beautiful wooden brush fits well with the rest of your barista tools
  • Solid: These sturdy bristles will last a while

Why don’t you see for yourself? Try the coffee brush and enjoy a clean coffee corner after every espresso!


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Nobody wants to look at a dirty coffee corner at home, yet after making your coffee, you might not always feel like cleaning up right away. However, with a coffee brush at hand, keeping your countertop clean is no big deal. Now you can enjoy your coffee and a clean space.

The brush is just wide enough to quickly gather all coffee residues without losing control. This way, you can easily sweep by all your barista tools and swipe the coffee residues into your knock box.

Good to Know About Your Coffee Brush

  • Location: Keep the brush near your espresso machine so you can clean up right after brewing
  • Use your knock box: Swiping everything to the floor isn’t ideal, use your knock box to catch the coffee!

In addition to sweeping away coffee residues, it’s wise to also clean the brew group after use. Consider combining the coffee brush with our brew group brush and barista cloths. Discover more tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining your espresso machine on our blog (coming soon).







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