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A coffee dosing cup for espresso

Sometimes, home baristas find themselves frustrated with wasted or spilled coffee grounds on their countertops. Not all of the coffee makes it cleanly into the portafilter’s filter basket. To address this problem, you can use a coffee dosing cup—a convenient solution.

Using a dosing cup is straightforward. Place it on your scale, weigh the desired amount of coffee beans, and transfer them to your coffee grinder. Position the dosing cup beneath the grinder, allowing it to collect all the finely ground coffee without any mess, even if it forms a tall pile.

Next, flip the portafilter upside down onto the dosing cup, turning them both simultaneously. Afterward, you can distribute or tamp the coffee as necessary, preparing yourself to brew a delicious espresso with no waste.

A dosing cup is a fantastic addition to your home barista setup. If you’re interested in single dosing, it becomes an essential accessory. Additionally, it’s a practical tool that promotes cleanliness and prevents spills.

Coffee dosing cup—essential for single dosing

First and foremost, let’s clarify what single dosing entails. It’s a popular technique that allows you to extract the best possible flavor from your coffee beans. Instead of filling the bean hopper completely, you add a precise dose of beans.

Storing your fresh coffee beans in an airtight container instead of the hopper helps to maintain their quality for a longer period. This approach is particularly favored by baristas who specialize in single-origin and specialty coffees.

Lastly, use a coffee scale to measure your beans in the dosing cup. After grinding, you can verify the weight once more. This brings you closer to consistently brewing a perfect espresso.

Coffee dosing cup or dosing ring?

In addition to the dosing cup, you may also consider using a dosing ring to prevent wastage. However, the dosing ring is an attachment that fits onto your portafilter. It’s a bit more user-friendly since it eliminates the need for flipping the cup.

On the other hand, a coffee dosing cup is a must-have if you’re pursuing single dosing. With the cup, you can easily measure the precise amount of beans before grinding. The dosing ring primarily serves to prevent coffee grounds from spilling over the rim.