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Why you need a Coffee Distribution Tool

A coffee distribution tool isn’t strictly necessary, but it’s a game changer for achieving consistent results. You could just give your freshly ground coffee a couple of taps with your palm for distribution, but without a coffee distributor, you lose control over the consistency. And when it comes to improving your espresso, consistency is key.

A coffee distributor helps evenly distribute the top layer of ground coffee in the filter basket. This creates the perfect base for tamping, leading to an even extraction and superior taste.

The WDT Tool for perfect distribution

The Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT) tool uses several needles to break up clumps in your ground coffee and distribute it evenly throughout your filter basket. This improves the extraction of your espresso and prevents channeling.

Using this tool before your coffee distributor ensures that your coffee is evenly distributed, not just in the top layer but throughout the entire filter basket. Check out our WDT tool for more information!

The Convenience of a Coffee Tamper and Distributor

As you’ll always tamp after distributing your coffee, there’s also a tamper and distributor combination to simplify your workflow. Use the distributor to create a perfectly smooth surface and distribute the top layer of your ground coffee in the filter basket. Then, flip the tamper & distributor combination and use the tamper to press the coffee.

One advantage of this tamper is that, like a palm tamper, you can determine the desired depth and therefore pressure yourself. Since it rests on the rim of your portafilter, you can be sure that you’re always tamping level. The result is better and consistent extraction. So, using the combination of coffee distributor and tamper is very handy for making the tastiest espresso and also saves space and time.

After distributing your coffee, tamping is the next step. So why not simplify your workflow with a coffee distributor and tamper combo? Use the distributor to create a perfectly even surface, then flip it over and use the tamper to create the perfect compact coffee puck.

The depth of this tool, just like the distributor, is adjustable. It also rests on the rim of your portafilter, ensuring you always tamp level. The result? Improved extraction and consistently delicious espresso.

51mm, 53mm or 58mm: Which Size Espresso Distributor Tool Do You Need?

Choosing the right size coffee distributor is crucial for evenly distributing your coffee. Our size chart can guide you. To get you started, here are some common sizes and which espresso machines they’re compatible with:

  • 51mm coffee distributor: Ideal for Delonghi Dedica, La Specialista, Smeg machines, and more;
  • 3mm coffee distributor: Fits 54mm coffee machines such as the Sage Barista Express, Sage Barista Touch, Sage Bambino Plus, Solis Grind & Infuse Pro, Solis Barista Pro, and others;
  • 58mm coffee distributor: Suitable for 58mm machines like Quick Mill;
  • 5mm coffee distributor: Perfect for all E61 machines, such as ECM, Rancilio, Rocket, VBM, etc.

Always check our size chart to see if your specific espresso machine model is compatible, or contact us if you’re unsure.