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Why use an espresso scale for coffee?

An espresso scale gives you insight into three crucial factors with which you control the extraction of your espresso: the amount of ground coffee you use, the amount of espresso extracted, and the flow time. Without these variables, you lack the insight to adjust your coffee grinder and make a delicious espresso.

As a starting point, extracting 36 grams (a double espresso) from 18 grams of ground beans in 25 to 30 seconds is a good recipe. With the espresso scale, you gain insight into whether you are close to this or whether you need to adjust your grind.

With the tare function on the scale, you can zero the weight so you know exactly how much ground coffee you’re putting in your portafilter. To avoid mess and waste when grinding, use a dosing ring or dosing cup for single dosing.

Additionally, you have the built-in timer of the scale to determine the exact flow time. If it’s too fast, grind finer, if it’s too slow, grind coarser. This way you can fine-tune your machine and look for the perfect ratios for your taste.

As you can tell, an espresso scale is very necessary if you want to make a good espresso. Because all the necessary functions are present in the scale, you only need one tool on your countertop.

Advantages of a barista scale

In the world of home baristas, the coffee scale is sometimes also called a barista scale or espresso scale. But in fact, they all have the same characteristics. These features distinguish a coffee scale from a regular kitchen scale:

  • Timer that measures extraction time;
  • Tare function so you can easily weigh your coffee without including the weight of your portafilter or espresso cups;
  • 1 gram precision to ensure consistency;
  • Fast response time;
  • Small size that easily fits under your espresso machine.

The convenience of coffee scales with timer

The coffee scale timer is an important function of the scale. With it, you can measure the extraction time while making your espresso. This way, you know exactly in how many seconds you’ve brewed the desired volume of espresso. You start the timer the moment you start the machine because pre-infusion also counts.

Our Smart Coffee Scale even has an automatic timer that starts when the first drop of espresso hits the cup. If you want to include pre-infusion, manually start the timer with the button.

Espresso shot glasses instead of a coffee scale?

In addition to the coffee scale, we offer espresso shot glasses as a measuring tool. This is an easy way to measure your espresso while making your espresso crema visible. The marks on the glass quickly show how much coffee you have in your espresso shot glass. However, it’s not a substitute for the coffee scale. You still need the timer and precise measurements to adjust your coffee grinder.

Still, you can get valuable information from your espresso shot glass. Besides neatly catching your coffee, an espresso shot glass with a double spout is also perfect for pouring a latte macchiato.

Always choose a digital coffee scale

If you opt for a digital coffee scale, you can count on precise measurements to a tenth of a gram. The accurate sensors ensure consistent results. That’s why all our coffee scales are digital.

Furthermore, they come with additional features like a timer and various types of automation that streamline the brewing process. For example, our Smart Coffee Scale has a special espresso mode.

Our digital coffee scales come with a tare function for clear and precise measurements. Moreover, you use the timer to measure the flow time. Whether you have a Delonghi, Sage, ECM, Rancilio or La Marzocco, take control. Improve your espresso and enjoy the tastiest coffee time and time again.