Double Spout Shot Glass

Double Spout Shot Glass is the ideal accessory for anyone looking for an simple solution to measure their espresso shots. With a total capacity of 70ml or 2.5 oz and measurements in both Ounces and Milliliters, this shot glass is a flexible tool for any home barista


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Ludy Narinx

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Never spill your shot again with the Double Spout Shot Glass This 70ml shot glass is slightly wider than the standard shot glass with a 72mm diameter that captures every drop of espresso, even from our double-spout portafilters.

You won’t need to dirty two shot glasses when you can stick this shot pitcher underneath the brew head while extracting enough velvety goodness for two. The handle is a great buffer between you and the freshly brewed espresso, preventing any burns to your fingers.

Easy measuring – marked every half ounce and every 10 milliliters for varied purposes.