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How are Barista Coffee Cups different?

Wondering what makes a barista cup unique? Unlike your regular cup, our barista coffee cups are handcrafted with precision to elevate your coffee experience. The design aspects like the shape, material, and size, ensure that your espresso, cappuccino, or latte tastes and looks its best.

We’ve thoughtfully designed each cup to perfection so you can be assured you have the right size and the best experience at home.

Espresso coffee cups, Cappuccino cups and Latte Cups

Tailored for the home barista, we developed three distinct cups that match the most loved coffee drinks: espresso, americano, cappuccino, flat white, and latte. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Espresso coffee cups with a 60ml capacity.
  • Our mid-sized 180ml cappuccino cups are the go-to for cappuccinos, flat whites, or americanos.
  • Prefer lattes? Our larger 250ml latte cups are just the thing. This size is also perfect for those who adore an extra-large or double cappuccino.

Curious about your favorite cup’s exact capacity? Try this: use a scale, and fill the cup with water until it’s about to overflow. The weight in grams corresponds to the number of milliliters the cup can hold!
As every home barista is different, this is a way for you to find the perfect size for you.

Barista Coffee Cups Specially Created for Home Baristas

Our barista cups are designed with the home barista in mind. In collaboration with a studio in Amsterdam, we’ve crafted the perfect coffee cups for you.

We all know how crucial a warm cup of coffee is. That’s why we’ve chosen ceramic, a material known for its insulating properties that keep your drink warm for longer. The special thin walls of our cups warm up quickly on any home espresso machine, while the outer texture offers a secure grip as you enjoy your coffee.

The inner curve of our cups is designed to maintain your espresso’s crema and showcase your latte art to perfection. Plus, this design makes the cups stackable, saving you space when stacked on your espresso machine!

We’ve kept the designs of our barista cups simple, ensuring that all focus remains on your coffee. Our cups are available in speckled white and grey.

For those who love variety, we offer a value-packed barista cup set, so you can savour all your favourite coffee types in style at home.

Barista Coffee Cups: Handmade Perfection

Our barista cups are handmade with love in Vietnam. We’ve partnered with a small local producer, acknowledged by the EU for their contribution to their local economy. This ensures not only a fair supply chain but also superior-quality cups.

The firing process at 1250 degrees Celsius ensures that our coffee cups are incredibly robust and dishwasher safe. The combination of manual production and variable oven temperatures results in distinctive and special coffee cups that make every sip of coffee an experience to remember.