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The benefits of a vacuum coffee jar

When coffee beans are freshly harvested, they can be stored without losing their aroma or flavor. However, once they are roasted, it’s best to use them as soon as possible. To preserve the rich flavor and enticing aroma of your coffee beans for longer, investing in a vacuum coffee jar or storage container is highly recommended.

Our specially designed coffee jars or containers create a vacuum-sealed environment that protects your beans from external factors. Coffee beans have a tendency to absorb odors and moisture, which can alter the taste and aroma of your espresso. Excessive humidity can even lead to the growth of mold. It’s important to note that storing coffee beans as whole beans is preferable to grinding them in advance.

Once coffee is ground, it becomes more challenging to maintain its freshness and flavor. Therefore, using freshly roasted whole beans is always a great choice.

Best practices for coffee storage

Various techniques exist for storing coffee beans. Freezing your beans can help slow down the degradation process, preserving their quality for longer. However, it may not be practical to freeze them in individual doses, and freezing large quantities can lead to quality issues once thawed.

It can be tricky to keep beans dry in the freezer. That’s why Barista-Essentials recommends investing in an airtight coffee jar. By storing your beans in a vacuum-sealed container, you can effectively protect them from external elements that might compromise their quality.

It’s important to consider other factors that can impact the taste of your espresso as well. For example, residues left in your espresso machine can negatively affect the quality of your brew.

Prolonging the freshness of your coffee beans

To extend the shelf life of your coffee beans, there are a few key considerations. It’s advisable to store your beans in a cool and dry place, around 20°C (68°F), with a relative humidity of approximately 60%.

Following these conditions helps maintain their quality over time. Additionally, it’s recommended to store your coffee in a dark location. Exposure to sunlight or artificial light can cause slight flavor alterations in the beans.

While displaying your collection might be tempting, it’s best to prioritize the quality and taste of your coffee. Many baristas opt for single dosing as a way to preserve the freshness of their beans. By measuring the desired amount of beans using a dosing cup each time, there’s no need to store excess beans in the grinder. This allows you to store all your coffee beans in a vacuum-sealed coffee bean storage container, ensuring they remain fresh and protected from air exposure.

Barista-Essentials vacuum coffee canisters

At Barista-Essentials, we offer vacuum coffee vanisters that feature a convenient smart lid. With the push of a button, the lid automatically creates a vacuum seal, ensuring optimal freshness.

The lid’s display provides information on temperature, humidity, storage time, and battery level, making it easy to monitor and maintain the quality of your beans. Our containers are available in two sizes, allowing you to store up to 250g or 500g of coffee beans, depending on your needs and preferences.