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A Milk Frother Jug For Home Baristas

A proper milk frother jug is crucial if you love making milk-based coffees, such as cappuccino. Why? Let’s explain!

To prepare an exceptional cappuccino, flat white, cortado, or any other milk-based coffee, it’s crucial that the milk reaches the right temperature and achieves perfect froth. For creating a good microfroam, you need a milk frothing jug and an espresso machine with a steam wand. Frothing milk is a real art and demands a lot of practice, but a milk frother jug offers you excellent control.

Besides frothing, a milk frother jug is pivotal for Latte Art. The shape and spout of a milk frother jug impact how you can pour the froth into your cup, enabling you to create the most beautiful Latte Art masterpieces.

Why Buy a Stainless Steel Milk Frother Jug?

When buying a milk Frother jug for home use, several properties are considered, including the material and shape.

A stainless steel milk Frother jug affords you the best control over the milk’s temperature. When the bottom of the milk frothing jug becomes too hot to hold for 2 seconds, you’ve reached approximately the right temperature. After this, you can pour the milk into your cappuccino cup – with the freshly brewed espresso.

Stainless steel Frother jugs are durable and because they are easy to clean, they’re also very hygienic. The coloured stainless steel milk frother jugs from Barista Essentials come with a special food-safe coating.

Milk Frothing Jug in Different Shapes

There are various different shapes and sizes of milk frothing jugs.

We offer a classic Italian design, the special pointed spout of this milk frothing jug gives you the best control to create perfect detailed latte art. The combination of shape and spout means this type of milk Frothing jug is preferred by many professional baristas.


The Essentials milk frothing jug is more accessible, its shape helps you to achieve a lovely swirl in your milk. The broader pouring spout makes this jug easy to pour when you’re practising for the perfect tulip in your cappuccino. The pleasant shape and friendly price make this milk frothing jug ideal for every home barista and budding latte artist.

Which Milk Frother Jug Should I Choose?

Choose the right size. The different sizes determine the amount of milk you can froth at one time. If you often froth large amounts of milk, we recommend buying a larger milk jug. If you occasionally make one cappuccino, a smaller milk frother jug for your cappuccino is sufficient.

Serious about latte art? Buy our milk frother jug set, a large and small jug that helps in creating microfoam. You pour the thicker foam into the smaller jug, leaving you with the perfect microfoam for latte art.

Looking to expand your skills as a home barista and create amazing latte art? We have the perfect package for you. This Latte Art set contains everything you need to make the most beautiful coffee creations.