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The best coffee beans for home baristas

For the home barista, creating the perfect espresso is an art that relies on three key factors: a quality machine, a skilled barista, and the best coffee beans. When it comes to espresso, the freshness and quality of the coffee beans are paramount.

At Barista-Essentials, our beans are always freshly roasted and of the highest quality, known as specialty coffee. Specialty coffee refers to coffee beans that meet the quality criteria established by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Coffee scoring 80 points or higher is considered specialty coffee. This rating is based on factors such as taste, aroma, purity, complexity, and balance. Additionally, aspects like bean origin, sustainability practices, processing methods, and roasting techniques are also taken into consideration.

By choosing our specialty coffee beans, you can be confident that you’re getting the very best coffee beans and a truly exceptional coffee experience. Elevate your home barista skills with our premium beans and enjoy the delightful flavors and aromas they have to offer.

Which specialty coffee is right for me?

A summer blend, Brazil & Ethiopia:
The perfect blend of Ethiopian and Brazilian espresso beans creates a delightful combination of citrus, milk chocolate, and caramel flavors. The Brazilian beans contribute to a rich and velvety body, while the Ethiopian beans add a refreshing finish with notes of caramel. If you’re a home barista who enjoys an adventurous espresso or a crisp cappuccino, Brazil-Ethiopia specialty coffee is highly recommended.

Specialty coffee from Cuba:
Our coffee from Cuba is truly a gem in our collection. These specialty coffee beans offer a smooth, creamy texture with a floral aroma and a sweet aftertaste. Whether you prefer a well-balanced espresso or a lightly sweetened cappuccino, the Cuban espresso beans deliver a delightful experience.

Traceable Coffee from Guatemala:
Our Guatemalan coffee beans are sourced directly from the farm, ensuring complete traceability and a fairer price for the farmers. Don Pedro Lopez Mendez and his wife have dedicated decades to their plantation in the heart of Huehuetenango, where the unique microclimate and a 32-hour fermentation process result in flavors of blood orange, vanilla, chocolate, and malt.

Poweful Sulawesi:
Sulawesi coffee offers a captivating and powerfull blend of earthy and fruity notes. These espresso beans are meticulously grown, lightly dried after harvesting, and carefully processed to remove the silver-white skin. The remaining beans are naturally dried on the ground, resulting in a distinctive dark blue/green bean.

Each of these barista coffees offers a unique taste profile, allowing you to explore different flavors and find the one that suits your preferences best.

Specialty Coffee Sample Pack

If you’re unsure which coffee is the perfect fit for you, or if you’re looking to surprise your barista friend with a thoughtful gift, our Specialty Coffee Sample pack is a great choice. With this sampler, you can try out four different barista coffee espresso beans, allowing you to explore and discover your favorite flavors!