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Which barista tools are available?

There are various categories of barista tools that you can purchase. Barista-Essentials categorizes them according to the steps required to create a perfect espresso. It starts with coffee grinding, followed by preparation, extraction, tamping, cleaning, and ultimately, espresso machine maintenance.

Within each of these categories, you will find further subdivisions, making it easy for you to locate all the necessary barista tools. Here, you will discover that our products are available in different sizes and colors, allowing you to create a stylish setup alongside functionality.

Why do I need coffee tools?

You might assume that when you purchase an espresso machine, you automatically have a complete set of barista tools. However, that is not the case. To brew a good espresso at home, you require a few essential coffee tools.

To begin with, your machine probably comes with a pressurized filter basket. However, you won’t be able to achieve the same quality of espresso as your favorite coffee shop with it. For that, you need a non-pressurized filter basket, which comes with our portafilters.

Additionally, you’ll need a coffee scale to ensure the proper espresso ratios. A quality tamper, knock box, and tamping mat are also necessary to protect your countertop. Once you have these basic tools, you can consider expanding your collection to elevate your espresso experience further. This may include items like a naked portafilter, WDT tool, or puck screen.

Barista tools for every espresso machine

It’s important to note that not all barista tools are suitable for every espresso machine. Tools such as a milk frothing pitcher, vacuum coffee canister, and knock box are compatible with any setup.

However, a portafilter, tamper, coffee distributor, dosing cup, and dosing ring need to fit your specific machine. There are different sizes to consider, and you can consult the size chart to determine the right fit. Here are some popular brands based on size:

  • 51 mm barista tools: De’Longhi Dedica, Smeg, and more
  • 53.3/54 mm barista tools: Sage, Solis, Breville, and more
  • 58/58.5 mm barista tools: Quick Mill, Ascaso, E61 machines, and more

If you have any doubts, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll assist you in finding the correct size to ensure compatibility between your espresso machine and new barista tools.