Vacuum Coffee Canister

Preserve your beans’ fresh roasted flavour for as long as possible with our Vacuum Canister for Coffee!

Are you using original coffee bag for storage, manually creating a vacuum or going trough the hassle of freezing your coffee beans?

There is a better and easier way to store your coffee beans and keep them fresh for up to 50% longer! The Barista-Essentials Vacuum Coffee Canister is designed with an electronic vacuum seal that removes the canister’s air and prevents oxidation.

Seal and unseal with one touch, automatic resealing, temperature and humidity data and date tracking. The best possible storage environment for your coffee beans with the data to adapt your grinder settings if needed for the perfect extraction.

Don’t compromise on the taste of your coffee! Buy our Vacuum Coffee Canister today and enjoy fresher beans longer!


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At Barista-Essentials, we’re determined to bring you the best espresso tools and accessories so you can have the perfect home brewing experience every time! With this product we tackle the question of storage, how do we keep our coffee beans fresh.

Discover our latest addition, the Vacuum Coffee Canister. Designed with innovative coffee-focused features.

Easy to use.
With a simple touch of the finger, your electric smart lid vacuum seals and unseals the canister for you. No manual labour whatsoever is required!

Smart maintenance of inner pressure.
The Vacuum Coffee Canister will automatically reseal to maintain its vacuum and provide the best possible storage environment for your coffee beans. That means you don’t need to remember to manually reseal the canister like you would with alternative vacuum canisters!

Long lasting battery.
The Vacuum Coffee Canister is designed with a USB-C rechargeable battery that is durable and long-lasting. In fact, it will last you up to 250 seals on a single charge! I have used mine for months without charging once.

Control your variables.
Keep track of all the essential variables that can impact your extraction. The lid of this Vacuum Canister tells you the temperature and humidity level inside the coffee canister. The numerical day & month tracker lets you easily track how long you’ve been storing that batch of fresh coffee beans. Use this information to adapt your grinder settings to the freshness of your coffee beans.

Preserve your beans’ fresh roasted flavour with our Vacuum Coffee Canister for as long as possible!

Things to note when using our vacuum canister

  • Please only store whole coffee beans in your vacuum canister.
  • This vacuum coffee canister is not designed for storing ground-up coffee, and ground-up coffee will destroy the electric pump that creates the vacuum seal.
  • The canister portion is dishwasher friendly, but the lid is not.
  • We recommend placing your storage container in a dark and cool location. The optimum temperature for storing coffee beans is 20 to 25C or 68 to 77F and when humidity is around 60%.

Technical info

Available in two sizes to hold 500 grams or 250 grams of whole coffee beans.

The 500 grams Vacuum Canister is 23.5cm tall and has a diameter of 10cm.
The 25 grams Vacuum Canister is 13.5cm tall and has a diameter of 10cm.

Our Vacuum Coffee Canister is made from food grade material.




250 grams, 500 grams

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Willem Schouten
Effectief doch voor verbetering vatbaar

Bij mijn eerste vacuüm koffiebus ervoer ik een probleem waarbij er lucht lekte. Gelukkig werd deze snel vervangen door een goed werkend exemplaar. Een klein nadeel is dat het display even tijd nodig heeft om op te lichten. Daarna kun je via het icoon de bus openen of sluiten. Hoewel dit het gebruiksgemak enigszins vermindert, ben ik over het algemeen tevreden met de koffiebus.