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Why a coffee puck screen?

Have you ever wondered if the use of a coffee puck screen is really necessary? We can be clear, no it is not necessary to brew a good espresso. But are you a home barista always striving for the best? Or a home barista struggling with channeling? Then we recommend you try a puck screen. It makes brewing good coffee easier as it prevents splashing (channeling) with a naked portafilter.

A puck screen assists with the perfect distribution of water, resulting in a more balanced taste of the espresso. You also no longer have to clean your brewing group with your brewing group brush after each shot.

In our opinion, although not a must, a coffee puck screen is a great addition to brewing espresso. Plus, it’s a small investment and a big joy.

*Tip: After you’ve received your puck screen, you can try something fun. Brew an espresso with your favourite coffee beans without a puck screen and then with a puck screen. What do you think of the taste difference?

Different types of espresso puck screens

Espresso puck screens come in all sorts of different types, thicknesses, and sizes. Most puck screens have a thickness of 1.6mm/1.7mm. This thickness is perfect for distributing water and also keeps your brewing group clean.

The material of a puck screen is important. Most puck screens are made of steel. To extend the life of your puck screen, it’s important to buy one made of quality material.

Our puck screens are all made of stainless steel. This means your puck screen won’t rust and will last a long time.

A 51mm, 54mm, or 58mm puck screen?

In addition to the different materials of puck screens, these screens also come in different sizes. The size of such a puck screen depends on the size of the portafilter you use. You can imagine that a 54mm puck screen won’t fit a 51mm portafilter.

Therefore, you match the size of your puck screen to the size of your portafilter. But what size puck screen do you need? That’s sometimes a bit of a search and also depends on the brand of your machine. That’s why we’ve made a size chart. This shows exactly which size puck screen you need for your home barista set.

To help you, these are the most common sizes and which devices they fit:

  • Puck Screen 51 mm: Ideal for the Delonghi Dedica, La Specialista and more, such as machines from Smeg.
  • Puck Screen 53.3 mm: Fits 54mm coffee machines like the Sage Barista Express, Sage Barista Touch, Sage Bambino Plus, Solis Grind & Infuse Pro, Solis Barista Pro and more.
  • Puck Screen 58.5 mm: Perfectly suitable for all E61 devices, like ECM, Rancilio, Rocket, VBM and so on.

Always check our size chart to see if your specific espresso machine model is suitable, or contact us if in doubt.