Espresso cup 60ml

Discover the perfect espresso cup, specially designed for home baristas. Handmade with love by our small-scale producer in Vietnam. This unique cup combines craftsmanship with functionality. The result? The best espresso experience at home!

With a capacity of 60 ml, this cup has just the right size for an espresso or macchiato.

When you place the espresso cup on top of your espresso machine, it warms up quickly due to the thinner ceramic walls. The design without handles makes it nice to hold and stackable.

The natural texture of the ceramic on the outside gives it a nice grip. Because of the glazing on the inside as well as the round curve, the espresso is collected nicely and the crema is maintained perfectly.

Opt for the perfect espresso experience and order this set of espresso cups now!


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Grey (2 cups), Speckled (2 cups)

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Chrissie Pepels
Very nice cups!

Very nice cups, perfect size for a cappuccino. To complete my collection I will also buy the espresso cups. It would be nice if there was also a larger size in your collection for a larger cappuccino or latte / tea :)

More about our espresso cups
At Barista-Essentials, we find it important that all our products provide a real contribution to every home barista. That’s why these espresso cups are specially designed for home baristas. We took everything into account so that you can make and drink the most delicious espresso at home!

Handmade and unique
All cups are made by hand in Vietnam. The collaboration with this small producer is recognized by the EU as a support program for the local economy. The cups are fired at 1,250 degrees Celsius, which makes them extra strong and dishwasher-safe. The production by hand – in combination with changing temperatures in the ovens – makes every cup different and unique.

The perfect size
With a capacity of 60 ml, this cup has just the right size for an espresso or macchiato. The cups are 60 mm in diameter and 50 mm in height. Additionally, the cups are stackable because they have no handle, which makes them easy to store.

Keep your espresso warm
Ceramic is naturally isolating and stores warmth well. In the design of the espresso cup, thinner walls were deliberately chosen. An additional advantage of that is that the cups warm up more quickly and, therefore, the espresso doesn’t cool down when it touches the cup.

Protects your crema layer
We kept the design of our cups simple, so the attention stays on the coffee. The inside was designed with a perfect round curve that protects the crema layer of your espresso.

*Tip: Do you have a nice cup at home and want to know how much ml it can hold? Take a kitchen scale, fill the cup with water, and then the gram indication also indicates how much ml your cup can hold!

Maintenance instructions
On the outside, the original texture of the clay is maintained, however, it has a natural protection layer because the cups are fired at 1,250°C. Follow the instructions below, so that the products remain nice for years:

  • Briefly rinse them after use;
  • When hand-washing: use a clean sponge/dishwasher brush for cleaning;
  • In the dishwasher: don’t wait too long before starting the program.

If the instructions above are followed, the natural outer layer of the cups will remain in a perfect state.