Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder (18 pcs)

Is your espresso not tasting quite as it should? Residual coffee grounds and oils in the group head could be the culprit. Simply rinsing with water isn’t enough to remove all traces of oils and other residues. Use our Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder for backflushing your espresso machine, ensuring your portafilter stays in top condition. This way, you can always enjoy the finest-tasting espresso.

Key features of the Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder

  • One packet is enough for backflushing and cleaning the portafilter
  • Removes coffee and oil residues
  • Odorless and biodegradable
  • Safe for you and your espresso machine
  • Preserves the flavor integrity of your espresso

The Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder not only ensures the most delicious espressos but also extends the lifespan of your machine. This cost-efficient brewing group cleaner is a high-quality alternative to other prominent brand cleaners. Safe for your machine, for you, and your espresso.



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The Cafetto Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder swiftly eliminates coffee grounds and oils, that affect the taste of your espresso. Meeting all international requirements and standards, it is also biodegradable. Thanks to its powerful formula, you can accomplish two tasks with just one single packet: backflushing and portafilter cleaning. A clever and affordable choice!
Additional features of the Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder:

  • NSF-certified, safe for all espresso machine parts
  • Meets rigorous toxicology and corrosivity standards, leaving no harmful residues or corrosion in espresso machines
  • Phosphate-free and non-GMO
  • Economically efficient, requiring little product for great results

Backflushing with the Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder

Cleaning the brew head is easy by backflushing with only half a sachet. For this, use a blind filter: a closed filter basket specifically designed to flush the brew group. Detailed instructions are included to guide you through this process. Additionally, always check the instruction manual of your espresso machine. Ideally, backflush with cleaner at least once every quarter.

Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder for your portafilter

Use the remaining half of the packet to clean your portafilter head and filter basket. Residual coffee grounds and oils in your portafilter will adversely affect your extraction and thus, the taste of your coffee. Let the portafilter head and filter basket soak in a mixture of 500 ml hot water and cleaning powder. Make sure the wooden handle of the portafilter does not come into contact with the water and cleaning agent.

How often should you backflush your espresso machine?

We recommend backflushing your espresso machine at least every quarter. However, this frequency may vary depending on machine and usage, making it difficult to offer universally applicable advice. If you notice your coffee tasting funny or your brew head just looking like it could use a cleaning, there is no harm in backflushing more often, perhaps even weekly. Always refer to the manual of your espresso machine for any specific guidelines.