Steam Wand Cleaner (12 pcs)

No large bubbles, just silky smooth and shiny foam that gives your cappuccino a full, creamy taste. Achieving perfect milk foam for your milk-based coffee drinks is only possible with a properly functioning steam wand. With the Steam Wand Cleaner, you can easily remove all blockages and milk residues, ensuring your steam wand is free from bacteria!

Key features of the Steam Wand Cleaner:

  • Removes all milk residues from the steam wand
  • Odorless and biodegradable
  • Eliminates 99.9% of all Listeria and E.coli bacteria
  • Suited for every espresso machine
  • Dissolves quickly in water

A brief glance at your steam wand often reveals plenty reasons for cleaning. But apart from the unappetizing appearance, hygiene is important for your health when dealing with milk. With this Steam Wand Cleaner, you keep your latte art both fun and safe!



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Milk is an essential ingredient for many of your favorite coffee drinks, but when using milk, it’s important to pay careful attention to ensure a safe and hygienic coffee experience at home. Regular cleaning of your espresso machine’s steam wand is a crucial part of this. Additionally, it is equally important that your milk is always fresh and stored at the correct temperature.

Additional features of the Steam Wand Cleaner:

  • Gentle on your machine, suitable for daily use
  • Removes both milk residues and limescale from your steam wand
  • Economical choice, serving as a perfect alternative to expensive options

How often should you use the Steam Wand Cleaner?

We recommend using the milk cleaner at least once every quarter, if you are generally keeping the steam wand clean. However, the high temperatures during steaming can cause milk residue to accumulate rapidly. Therefore, it’s good to know that the Steam Wand Cleaner can be used daily. If you see a lot of residues or notice blockages, it certainly doesn’t hurt to use it more often. Its composition ensures that it won’t damage your espresso machine, even with daily usage.

Don’t overpay for a branded steam wand cleaner!

This Steam Wand Cleaner is a perfect alternative to expensive products from common coffee equipment brands. The Cafetto is just as effective and meets all quality standards. You can confidently use the Cafetto Steam Wand Cleaner for any espresso machine. A great choice for every home barista!