Coffee Grinder Cleaner (3 pcs)

Did you know that your coffee will taste even better when you clean the burrs every once in a while? Oils from coffee beans and stale coffee residue clog the burrs and internal chambers, impacting the grinding quality and, consequently, the flavor of your espresso. Fortunately, we have got the simplest solution! This coffee grinder cleaner keeps your burrs from clogging and guarantees perfect freshly ground coffee every time!

Key features of the Coffee Grinder Cleaner:

  • No need to disassemble the coffee grinder
  • Removes accumulated oils, coffee bean residues, and odors
  • Reduces clogs and blockages
  • Improves grinding quality and prolongs the lifespan of your coffee grinder
  • 100% natural grain-based

The coffee grinder cleaner is essential for the maintenance of your grinder. It ensures, nothing stands in the way of you getting the most out of your freshly roasted coffee.



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You’ve adjusted your coffee grinder, and put freshly roasted beans into the bean hopper; everything is set for a perfect espresso. Yet, something seems off with the taste and aroma. It’s time to clean your grinder. Oils from the coffee beans and other residues accumulate between the grinding burrs and within internal spaces. Over time, it starts to smell musty, negatively impacting the taste of your espresso. With the Cafetto Coffee Grinder Cleaner, you can easily solve this problem!

Additional features of the Coffee Grinder Cleaner:

  • This coffee grinder cleaner is grain-based, 100% natural, and gluten-free
  • No chemicals and binders are added or used in production
  • No disassembly of the grinder required for cleaning
  • Includes 3 sachets, each containing 45 grams

How often should you use the Coffee Grinder Cleaner?

We recommend using the Coffee Grinder Cleaner at least once every quarter. Since it is a 100% natural solution, using it more frequently will not cause any harm to the coffee grinder. The cleaning frequency ultimately depends on how much coffee you use per day. So, if you notice something off about the grind, any unusual odors, or your coffee grinder appears dirty – throw in a packet of Coffee Grinder Cleaner, and you’re good to go!

Good to know when using the Coffee Grinder Cleaner

After using the Coffee Grinder Cleaner, grind 45 grams of coffee beans and discard them before actually grinding some coffee beans for your espresso. This ensures that potential cleaner residue does not affect the taste of the espresso.

Note: Some residual coffee grinder cleaner may remain around the coffee grinder and in the bean hopper. Although harmless, it’s advisable to remove the excess dust using a brush or a barista cloth.