Espresso Machine Descaler (4 pcs)

Limescale is the silent killer of espresso machines. It also affects the quality of your water and thus, the taste of your espresso. To ensure you continue enjoying the finest coffee, it is crucial to descale your machine at least once every quarter. This can be done easily and safely with our Espresso Machine Descaler!

Key features of the Espresso Machine Descaler:

  • One packet yields 1 liter of descaling solution
  • Safe for you and all espresso machines
  • All ingredients are biodegradable
  • Helps extend the life of your espresso machine
  • Maintains the quality of your espresso

Given that your espresso is composed of 98% water, descaling is not just essential to ensure the longevity of your espresso machine, but also the optimal taste of your espresso. When was the last time you descaled? Exactly. Get your Espresso Machine Descaler today!


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The Cafetto Espresso Machine Descaler is a perfect alternative to expensive descalers from prominent espresso machine brands. It meets all international standards and requirements and effectively caters to all the needs of your espresso machine. By using at least one packet per quarter, you benefit from all the advantages of a limescale-free espresso machine.

Additional features of the Espresso Machine Descaler:

  • NSF-certified, safe for all espresso machine parts
  • Meets rigorous toxicology and corrosivity standards, leaving no harmful residues or corrosion in espresso machines
  • Effective blend of organic acids for descaling
  • Phosphate-free and non-GMO
  • Saves money by keeping your espresso machine’s energy consumption steady

Save energy by descaling your espresso machine

With our Espresso Machine Descaler, you are not only preserving your espresso machine, you are also conserving energy. Limescale increases the energy consumption of your espresso machine, as it prolongs the water heating process. So, by using our Espresso Machine Descaler, you will also save on your energy bill.

Prevention is key, but descaling is necessary

Of course, you would prefer to have no limescale at all. Always using fully descaled water would be ideal but hardly feasible. Therefore, we always recommend the use of a water filter. Although using a water filter helps reduce limescale build-up, it unfortunately does not prevent it entirely. An Espresso Machine Descaler remains essential if you want to continue enjoying your espresso at home.

How often should you descale your espresso machine?

We recommend using the Espresso Machine Descaler at least once every quarter. However, this can vary depending on the machine and its usage, making it difficult to give universally applicable advice here. Some machines also indicate when descaling is required. Therefore, always consult the manual of your espresso machine.