Milk frother jug – essentials

Our essential milk frother jug will make your barista heart beat faster and take your latte artist skills to the next level.

A milk frother jug made of stainless steel is an excellent way to control the temperature of your milk. After all, the secret between a good cup of coffee and a great one is in the milk. The slightly wider spout of our milk frother jug ensures that you can create a lovely tulip or a beautiful heart in your cappuccino in no time.

Choose your style and size!

Pro tip: Do you want both sizes to create perfect microfoam? Then check out our milk frother jug set!


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350ml, 550ml


Black, Silver

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Hele fijne melkkannetjes!

Hele fijne RVS Italian melkkannetjes om te gebruiken als hobby barista! Fijne formaten, voor 1 of 2 cappuccino. En ze schenken prima met Latte Art!

Additional info

Also known as a Milk Frothing Jug, this is a real barista essential. When you think of a barista you think of the amazing latte art you see in your cappuccino or flat white.

When choosing a Milk Frother Jug you want Stainless Steel for temperature control and the right shape to create that perfect swirl. This allows you to create perfect milk foam while also making sure it is the right temperature, no one likes a lukewarm cappuccino.

This style of Milk Frother Jug we call the essentials because it’s a great option to start with, designed to make the milk frothing process as easy as possible. The classic shape allows for a nice swirl while the slightly wider spout is a bit more forgiving when creating your favorite latte art!

Technical details

Made from stainless steel and available in two sizes, perfect for every home barista.

Our 350ml Milk Frother Jug is 9cm tall and 7.7cm wide.

Our 550ml Milk Frother Jug is 11.2cm tall and 9.2cm wide.

You do not need to use the Jugs to their full capacity as you need room to create your microfoam. Fill it up to about halfway where the spout starts.

The right size for you

For reference, our 550ml milk frother Jug is suitable for two cappuccinos and the 350ml milk frother is suitable for 1 cappuccino.

Are you working to improve your latte art skills? If so, it is recommended to use both sizes. For the perfect microfoam, it is often necessary to pour your thicker foam from the large to the smaller milk frother jug.

If you want both sizes then we recommend you to check out our Milk Frother Jug set for the best price!

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