Tamper 53.3mm

Our 53.3mm tamper is an upgrade in design, quality, and ease-of-use. This allows you to tamp your coffee perfectly every day for the most delicious espresso.

Tamping with consistency and control for the best extraction:

  • The handle makes it easier to apply pressure;
  • Nice weight thanks to the solid stainless steel tamper surface;
  • Perfect size, leaves no coffee along the edge;
  • Unique flat tamper surface gives you control to tamp perfectly every time!

This 53.3mm tamper is the perfect upgrade for any 54mm espresso machine from Sage, Gastroback, Solis & more! Check our size guide and improve your espresso today!

Size Guide


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The Sage tamper or Solis tamper that comes with your machine is often made of plastic and lightweight. This makes proper tamping difficult, although it’s a crucial part of good extraction and therefore delicious espresso. So, while the 53.3mm tamper may seem simple, perfect tamping is a skill you need to practice, and this tamper will help you with that.

The combination of the ergonomic handle and our unique tamper surface gives you control to tamp evenly every time and get the best extraction from your coffee.

Unique features of the 53.3mm tamper:

We’re confident that you won’t find better value tampers. That’s why we’re very proud of these tampers and the price at which we can offer them to our fellow home baristas!

  • The handle is interchangeable if you ever want to change your style.
  • Made entirely of stainless steel, unlike wear-prone chromed alternatives.
  • Specially designed for home baristas.
  • Incredible value for money!

The tamper is available in a heavy full stainless steel version or slightly lighter with a stylish wooden or black handle. This allows you to choose the perfect look and feel for your barista set.

Perfectly tailored, ideal as a 54mm Sage tamper or Solis tamper:

Our 53.3mm tampers are precisely tailored for your espresso machine. Specifically for 54mm espresso machines from Gastroback, Sage, and Solis. This ensures they fit perfectly and leave hardly any coffee residues at the edge of your filter basket.

Suitable as a Gastroback tamper for 54mm models like: Gastroback Barista Touch, Gastroback Advanced Duo, and Gastroback Barista Pro. ATTENTION There are also 58mm and 51mm espresso machines from Gastroback, so always check our Size Guide.

Suitable as a Sage tamper for 54mm models like: Sage Barista Express, Sage Barista Impress, and Sage Barista Touch. ATTENTION There are also 58mm and 51mm espresso machines from Sage, so always check our Size Guide.

Suitable as a Solis tamper for 54mm models like: Solis Grind & Infuse Pro, Solis Barista Pro, and Solis Perfetta Plus. ATTENTION There are also 58mm and 51mm espresso machines from Solis, so always check our Size Guide.

Other examples of 54mm espresso machines include La Pavoni Lusso/Pisa/Si and Saeco Poemia.

As a check, you can measure the diameter of your current tamper or the inside of your filter basket if your espresso machine is not listed in our Size Guide.


Black, Stainless steel, Wood



Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Mooi afgewerkte tamper die heerlijk in de hand zit. Past perfect in de juiste filter. Lekker zwaar ook.

Size Guide

Find the right size tools for your espresso machine!
Looking for a portafilter? Our portafilters have their own Size Chart!

  • Sage, Solis, Breville
  • E61 and other
  • De'Longhi
BrandMachineSuitable size
SageBambino plus (SES500)53.3mm
SageDuo-Temp Pro (SES810)53.3mm
SageBarista Express (SES875)53.3mm
SageBarista Pro (SES878)53.3mm
SageBarista Touch (SES880)53.3mm
SageDual Boiler (SES920)58.5mm
SageThe Oracle (SES980)58.5mm
SageOracle Touch (SES990)58.5mm
SageThe Barista Impress53.3mm
SolisSolis 11051mm
SolisMaster 11351mm
SolisBarista Pro 11453.3mm
SolisGrind & Infuse Pro 11553.3mm
SolisCaffespresso Pro 11753.3mm
SolisPerfect Pro 11853.3mm
SolisPriaroma 101051mm
SolisTripe Heat 101158.5mm
SolisGran Gusto 101458.5mm
SolisGrind & Infuse Compact 101851mm
SolisPerfetta Plus 117053.3mm
SolisPersonal Barista 115058.5mm
BrevilleBarista Express53.3mm
BrevilleBarista Pro53.3mm
BrevilleOracle Touch58.5mm
BrevilleThe Infuser53.3mm
BrevilleBarista max58.5mm
BrevilleBarista max +58.5mm
BrandMachineSuitable size
AscasoSteel Duo PID58.5mm
BEEMEspresso Grind Profession58mm
BezzeraAll machines58.5mm
CimbaliAll machines57mm (niet beschikbaar)
CreateThera Classic, Thera Retro51mm
CremaAll machines58.5mm
ECMAll machines58.5mm
ExpobarAll machines58.5mm
GastrobackBarista Touch (42623)53.3mm
GastrobackAdvanced Duo (42626)53.3mm
GastrobackBarista Pro (42616)53.3mm
GastrobackAdvanced Barista (42619)51mm
GastrobackEspresso Piccolo (42716)51mm
GastrobackEspresso Pro (42709)51mm
GastrobackEspresso Plus (52606)51mm
FlairAll machines58.5mm
GaggiaClassic, Classic Pro58.5mm
GraefAll machines58.5mm
IsomacGiada, Maverick, Venus53.3mm
IsomacAll other machines58.5mm
Krupsespresso XP344051mm
La MarzoccoAll machines58.5mm
La pavoniAll other machinesNo suitable size
La PavoniDuet, Club, NapolitanaNo suitable size
La PavoniEuropiccolaNo suitable size
La PavoniLever (Millenium New Lever)51mm
La PavoniLever (voor 2000)No suitable size
La PavoniLusso, Pisa, Si53.3mm
La PavoniProfessional51mm
La PavoniPub58.5mm
La PavoniAll other machinesNo suitable size
La San MarcoAll machines53.3mm
LelitBianca V358.5mm
LelitElizabeth V358.5mm
LelitGiulietta X58.5mm
LelitMara X v258.5mm
LelitAnitaNo suitable size
LelitAnnaNo suitable size
LelitGraceNo suitable size
LelitGildaNo suitable size
ProfitecPro 300, 500, 700, 81058.5mm
ProfitecGONo suitable size
Quick MillAchille 0996 Lever model58.5mm
Quick MillAlexia58.5mm
Quick MillAndreja 098058.5mm
Quick MillAnita 099058.5mm
Quick MillAquila 098558.5mm
Quick MillCarola 096058.5mm
Quick MillLa Certa 097558.5mm
Quick MillMilano 098058.5mm
Quick MillPippa58.5mm
Quick MillQM 67 099258.5mm
Quick MillRapida 098758.5mm
Quick MillSilvano 0400558.5mm
Quick MillVetrano 099558.5mm
Quick Mill'Triple winged' portafilters (820, 835, 2820, 2835, 3000, 3002, 3004, 3035, 3245, Evo70)58mm
RancilioV1, V2, V3, V458.5mm
RancilioV5, V6No suitable size
RocketAll machines58.5mm
Vibiemme (VBM)All machines58.5mm
MachineSuitable size
Dedica EC68051mm
Dedica EC68551mm
Dedica EC78551mm
Dedica EC88551mm
La Specialista Prestigio EC935551mm
La Specialista Arte EC915551mm
la specialista Maestro EC966551mm
La Specialista Maestro EC986551mm
Icona Vintage51mm
Stilosa EC23551mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Mooi afgewerkte tamper die heerlijk in de hand zit. Past perfect in de juiste filter. Lekker zwaar ook.

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